Cathartes aura

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a New World vulture that is common in South America and Central America and the southern United States

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Dentro del area de estudio se identificaron 4 especies de aves rapaces migratorias que son Cathartes aura, Pandion haliaetus, Buteo platypterus y Falco peregrinus (Tabla 2).
Paujiles) Penelope perspicax Pava Caucana Aburria aburri Pava Negra CATHARTIDAE: (2) (Gallinazos o Buitres Americanos) Cathartes aura Guala Cabecirroja Coragyps atratus Gallinazo Negro PANDIONIDAE: (1) (Aguila Pescadora) Pandion haliaetus Aguila Pescadora ACCIPITRIDAE: (7) (Gavilanes.
Del total de especies registradas, Cathartes aura, Momotus mexicanus, Polioptila caerulea, Vermivora ruficapilla y Carduelis psaltria se distribuye ron en los tres tipos de vegetacion.
Nomen est omen: the Latin name for "'buzzard," cathartes aura, ends "Sillyhow Stride," evoking both the ends of classical tragedy and the sickbed catheter.
Celebrate the return of this imposing raptor, Cathartes aura, at Buzzard Day in Makoshika State Park, an 11,532-acre park near Glendive.