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Estimating age classes in the Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture Cathartes burrovianus.
Dentro del area de estudio se identificaron 4 especies de aves rapaces migratorias que son Cathartes aura, Pandion haliaetus, Buteo platypterus y Falco peregrinus (Tabla 2).
2011) como el caso del Cosmos en el que registraron a Meleagris gallopavo, familia Trochilidae, Pyrocephalus rubinus, Cathartes aura y la Familia Strigidae.
zorro"; Falco peregrinus, "halcon peregrino"; Buteo polyosoma, "aguilucho comun" y Cathartes aura, "gallinazo cabeza roja".
cocoi Garza morena Butorides striatus Garcilla rayada Egretta caerulea Garceta azulada Threskiornithidae Ibises Mesembrinibis cayennensis Ibis verde Cathartidae Buitres americanos, gallinazos Sarcoramphus papa Rey zamuro, rey de gallinazos Cathartes melambrotos Guala amazonica Accipitridae Aguilas y gavilanes Ictinia plumbea Elanio plomizo I.
Their genus name, Cathartes aura, means "purifier," and the scavenger is nature's ultimate recycler.
1 0 Anas platyrhynchos 2 1 Anas strepera 0 0 Anas americana 0 0 Anas crecca 0 0 Cathartes aura 1 3 Gymnogyps amplus (californianus) 4 5 Coragyps (Catharista) occidentalis 2 0 Teratornis merriami 6 3 Haliaetus leucocephalus 0 7 Circus cyaneus (hudsonius) 0 1 Accipiter striates (velox) 0 I Accipiter cooperi 2 3 Accipiter gentilis (Astur atricapillus) 7 0 Buteogallus (Geranoaetus) fragilis 5 1?
ESPECIE ORDEN FAMILIA Falco peregrinus Falconiforme Falconidae Falco femoralis Falconiforme Falconidae Falco sparverius Falconiforme Falconidae Caracara cheriway Falconiforme Falconidae Buteo albonotatus Falconiforme Buteoninae Buteo sp Falconiforme Buteoninae Elanus caeruleus Accipitriforme Accipitridae Coragyps atratus Falconiforme Catarthidae Cathartes aura Falconiforme Cathartidae Athene cunicularia Strigiformes Strigidae Figura 2.
Nomen est omen: the Latin name for "'buzzard," cathartes aura, ends "Sillyhow Stride," evoking both the ends of classical tragedy and the sickbed catheter.
The Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund--a joint venture between Canyon Capital Realty Advisors LLC and Earvin "Magic" Johnson's Johnson Development Corporation, both based in Beverly Hills, California--has partnered locally on the project with Boston-based Cathartes Private Investments.
There will be a few members of the Cathartes family peering down from on high at Ibrox today.
Prior to joining the Gale Company, Maloney served as managing director of Cathartes Investments.
falcinellus (Linnaeus), glossy ibis I R Family Ciconiidae (storks) Mycteria americana Linnaeus, wood stork S R Family Cathartidae (American vultures) Cathartes aura (Linnaeus), turkey vulture I C Coragyps atratus (Bechstein), black vulture S R Order Anseriformes (swans, geese, and ducks) Family Anatidae (swans, geese and ducks) Aix sponsa (Linnaeus), wood duck I C Anas acuta Linnaeus, northern pintail I O A.
Celebrate the return of this imposing raptor, Cathartes aura, at Buzzard Day in Makoshika State Park, an 11,532-acre park near Glendive.
Carrion-consuming vultures, for example, are several times more common at Limbo due in part to the presence of two nests of Cathartes aura on the study area.