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We are proud to be investing in Boston and teaming up with Cathartes to transform an underutilized industrial site and help provide much-needed market-rate and affordable housing.
Mezzo Design Lofts is a partnership between the Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund and Cathartes Private Investments, a private real estate and investment company headquartered in Boston, Mass.
In the vicinity of Venustiano Carranza Dam, we observed seven individuals in May, one in August, and 19 in September (10 soaring in thermals with turkey vultures, Cathartes aura; and nine on shore).
Turkey vultures, Cathartes aura (or 'buzzards'), are considered birds of prey, but they are primarily scavengers and not hunters.
Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund is making its first investment in Boston, partnering with locally-based Cathartes Private Investments on a transit-oriented, workforce housing development featuring 146 condominium units adjacent to the Sullivan Square MBTA station in Charlestown, just two miles from downtown Boston.
They also have a well-developed sense of smell (Stager 1964), as do the other two members of the genus Cathartes (Houston 1988, Gomez et al.
Residency Vcgetational association ORDER FALCOMI ORMliS FAMILY CATHARTIDAE Cathartes aura (Zopilote aura: 1 7 Turkey Vulture) FAMILY ACCIPITRIDAE Accipiter cooperi; (Gavilan de 3 Cooper - Cooper's Hawk) Parabuteo unicinctus; (Agulilla 1 5 rojinegra - Harris's Hawk) Buteo jamaicensi;.
Shown left to right are Mark Schleicher and Mark Stebbins of Schleicher & Stebbins Hotels, Jeff Johnston of Cathartes Private Investments, Mayor Ferrini, and Jim Goldenberg of Cathartes Private Investments.
3 (Turkey vulture Cathartes aura) -- -- -- (Osprey Pandion haliaetus) -- -- -- (Bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus) -- -- -- Sharp-shinned hawk Accipiter striatus (a) -- -- -- (Red-tailed hawk Buteo jamaicensis) -- -- -- (Golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos) -- -- -- (Unidentified eagles Accipitridae) -- -- -- American kestrel Falco sparoerius (a) 3 -- -- Killdeer Charadrius vociferous 4 0.
BOSTON, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Cathartes Private Investments (CPI), a Boston-based private real estate investment and development company, and Juliano Enterprises, CPI joint venture partner and Brockton-based developer, today announced the development and availability of Etonic Lofts in downtown Brockton, Mass.
Cathartes Investments, a Boston-based real estate developer, and its financial partner, AEW Capital Management, broke ground today at 150 - 200 Inner Belt Road in Somerville to mark the construction of two new state-of-the-art office buildings.
The project is a joint venture of Cathartes Private Investments and S&S Hotels.
Media Burlington, MA James Goldenberg Cathartes Investments Boston, MA Joseph Levy CIO Communications Framingham, MA David Wetherell CMGI Andover, MA Joseph McCue Cue Data Services Hingham, MA Kathleen Biro Digitas, Inc.
Work crews remain on schedule, according to Josh Anderson, a principal with one of the developers, Cathartes Private Investments, which is partnering with Schleicher and Stebbins Hotels on the project
We're delighted to be moving full speed ahead on Portwalk, and to continue helping Portsmouth develop its vision for the city's Northern Tier," said Jeff Johnston, a principal at Cathartes Private Investments, which owns the property.