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a Christian religious sect in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries

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He concentrates on a single manuscript that records the inquisitors' questions and the witnesses' responses regarding their contacts with Cathars.
In a society that respected Cathars there was little support for the Dominican Inquisition that by 1239 was operating in Orvieto.
And on your travels you can see even more Cathar Castles which promise to take your breath away.
Mosse has made much of her identification with the Cathars, who were brutally hunted down because they were believed to be heretics.
He then shifts attention to the doctrinal and jurisdictional infighting among Italian Cathars in the same generation.
I trekked to the top of Montsegur in what was Languedoc to visit the castle where the Cathars - who some believe held the secret of the Holy Grail - made their last stand 800 years ago.
Other notable letters include her treatise against the Cathars (no.
Many are redolent with a sacramental, creation spirituality which rebuts the dualistic views of the thriving Cathars.
Crusade against the Grail; the struggle between the Cathars, the Templars, and the Church of Rome.
Examining the sources, Kaelber argues that the Cathars surpassed monastic groups in their ascetic practice.
Studies in the ecclesiastical and social history of Toulouse in the age of the Cathars.
The second part, in three chapters, explores in more detail the myths of the origin, nature, and destiny of the world--both the dualistic myth espoused by Cathars and the Platonic myth in Plato's Timaeus--that shaped reactions and interpretations of Christian doctrine, especially on creation, the Trinity, and Christology.
the title of the show will be "the cathars, the treasure of beziers".
Set in southern France in the early 1200s, "Divine Vengeance" follows the Holy Crusade against the Cathars, a sect whose beliefs did not align with Rome, as viewed through the eyes of a soldier and a monk.