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a Christian religious sect in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries

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A remarkable example of this procedure, which is also characteristic of his methods, is his treatment of the troubles of the Provencal Jews with the Dominican Inquisition during the struggles of the church with the Albigensians or Cathari.
In the creative mix of the Cathari culture, which benefited from Muslim and Jewish contacts, women were the equals of men; they owned and inherited property and preached the gospel, as the women of the early church preached.
Indeed, the word "heretic" was reserved especially for the Cathari in the next century, when a crusade against them was mounted (1208) and the Inquisition subsequently formed (1233) to deal with them.
In this one can note a certain demonic element, as renewed study of the persecution of medieval movements like the Cathari has illustrated.
This discussion might have been enhanced by a sketch of the trajectory leading to the formal teaching of the magisterium at Lateran IV in 1215, against the dualisms of the Cathari and the Albigenses.