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a shrub that is cultivated by Arabs for its leaves which are chewed or used to make tea

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The 500-year globalisations of Catha edulis and Caffea arahica have followed parallel but contrasting trajectories.
Canada Border Services Agency officers at the Montreal-Mirabel Airport recently made a drug seizure when they discovered 64 kilos of Catha Edulis (khat) inside two parcels sent by a postal courier service, the agency said.
The officers of the Directorate of Narcotics Control from the southern region have arrested three people in two separate cases for possessing the smuggled aACAyqat', a stimulant drug derived from a shrub -- Catha edulis -- that is native to East Africa and southern Arabia.
Qat is the leaves of the flowering tree Catha edulis, native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsular.
Toxicological evaluation of Catha edulis leaves: a long term feeding experiment in animals.
vi) Khat refers to the leaves and the young shoots of the plant Catha edulis Forsk.
In this study, the long-term (6 months) biochemical effects of varying levels of Catha edulis leaves on the plasma concentration of glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, total protein, albumin, uric acid, urea and creatinine were examined.
CNS-active phenylpropylamines of Catha edulis FORSK (Celastraceae) of Kenyan origin.
In 2015, there were multiple seizures by Senegalese law enforcement authorities of the Catha Edulis (khat) plant in Dakar.
Khat -- catha edulis -- is popular in Yemen where it is considered the national pastime despite regular warnings that it was ravaging the country's economy.