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a genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers

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Locals from Ethiopia and Yemen to northern Meru cite the happy goats story to explain the discovery of Catha edulis.
Catha said that oil prices in the international market have come down to $ 71.
The leaves and shoots of khat, the shrub Catha edulis, are chewed to obtain mild euphoria.
Carlquist (1988) described the imperforate tracheal elements of Catha, Elaeodendron, Celastrus and Maytenus as septate libriform fibres, septate fibre-tracheids and vasicentric tracheids.
Khat is the common name for the leaves, stems and shoots of the plant of the species Catha edulis and is chewed in a social setting, typically at home, at parties and in khat cafes.
The Daily Mail reported that Abdillahi -- who was bullied in his homeland for being effeminate -- killed the widow after he stopped taking his medication and turning instead to cannabis and khat — leaves of a wild East African shrub called Catha edulis, which contains two mild stimulants, cathinone and cathine.
The psychoactive drugs being marketed as "bath salts" are synthetic derivatives of cathinone, the active compound found in Catha edulis, a plant endemic to East Africa and the Middle East (3).
Canada Border Services Agency officers at the Montreal-Mirabel Airport recently made a drug seizure when they discovered 64 kilos of Catha Edulis (khat) inside two parcels sent by a postal courier service, the agency said.
181 (1997); Catha Maslow, Kathryn Yoselson, & Harvey London, Persuasiveness of Confidence Expressed via Language and Body Language, 10 BRIT.
The officers of the Directorate of Narcotics Control from the southern region have arrested three people in two separate cases for possessing the smuggled aACAyqat', a stimulant drug derived from a shrub -- Catha edulis -- that is native to East Africa and southern Arabia.
sa[sa]nam ksaudrajam catha ye[eka]tra drahapacitam II 5 sitam grahyam tatoddhrtya puspavasam tatah param I astamsaih suddhajavadim devya [vaih] bhojanirmita II 6 (35)
Qat is the leaves of the flowering tree Catha edulis, native to tropical East Africa and the Arabian Peninsular.
Toxicological evaluation of Catha edulis leaves: a long term feeding experiment in animals.