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food prepared for cats

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Actually Maya's favourite food is a Morrison's seafood platter catfood. And she likes chicken and fish sticks.
I've lived through some mind-boggling changes, such as catfood in sachets.
It's hard to beat a mix of dry catfood and menhaden oil.
She has been put on a strict calorie-controlled diet of dried catfood and banned from indulging in treats.
Tackling up accordingly, with one of the strongest pole elastics about, known as 'red hydro', he fished at eight metres in five feet of water with catfood hook bait over a feed of mixed minced catfood and hard pellets to land 14 fish from 8lb to 15lb in four hours.
Measure the water by putting a tuna or catfood can under the sprinkler and time how long it takes for an inch of water to accumulate.
There is, as in any translation, the odd infelicity, such as when one character tells Saint Andrew how little his faith is worth: "Ton parlar non eys que abus / E non eys que broyt de vendre," becomes "Tes paroles ne sont qu'erreurs / Et bouillie pour les chats" (122-23)--a fair trade of expressions were it not for the unfortunate echo that occurs several lines later where the same character says of Jesus that "Mena el fo davant Pyllat / E tormenta como vung chat," rendered as "Il fut mene devant Pilate / Et torture comme un chat." The juxtaposition of the saint's words treated as "catfood" and Jesus' being tortured "like a cat" is unfortunate.
It reminded us that the 'function' of a building cannot generally be reduced to its strict operational condition, unless it is of the simplest and most banal sort, for example the warehouse (though even here the detail may reveal a more complex idea than the storage of, say, tinned catfood).
The cat is restricted to the house, has no contact with other animals, and is fed only canned catfood. The animal strictly uses a litter box, which is cleaned regularly by the parents.
There're two big bags of that special veterinary catfood in the laundry room.
Her determination that smelly cat should be heard by everybody did,however, result in regular sing alongs at Central Park,(Phoebe finally understood the pun a good seven years into the show)as well as a lucrative deal to advertise catfood. Last ever Friends C4,Friday 9pm, S4C,11.05pm
Staring from the cover with his gold teeth and an expression like he's got a wasp in his ear, it's an obvious message - don't mess with me or you're catfood. Thugs obviously have more credibility in the States where grannyscaring, dinner money mugging and puppy-baiting are seen as badges of honour.
When the small, thin racoon began coming to my deck, looking for scraps left in the catfood dishes, I felt sorry for it.
These leaflet labels on bags of catfood feature a 95p Trial price on the front cover.
But no more need we suffer the slings and arrows of cynical friends, with their unfeeling cracks about glue factories and catfood. We have a real racehorse.