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Upon retiring from the Army, he joined the Caterpillar Tractor Company and has been employed as vice president of Powers Systems for Milton CAT in Milford.
A few weeks before demob, for a change of scenery I went to work in orchards near Evesham, driving a caterpillar tractor up and down rows of fruits tees.
Visitors were also asked to guess the weight of a Caterpillar tractor suspended from two giant cranes.
Approximately pounds 30 as an apprentice fitter turner at Caterpillar Tractor Co, Birtley, Tyne and Wear.
and the city of East Peoria: the redevelopment of the original Caterpillar tractor factory in downtown East Peoria.
Numerous examples of exemplary leaders, such as Jim Casey of UPS, George Schaefer of Caterpillar Tractor, Charles Lazarus of Toys "R" Us, and Gertrude Boyle of Columbia Sportswear, are incorporated throughout the text.
Rather than the traditional shovels and buckets, company owners John Riggs IV, Rob Cress and Keith Riggs scooped away the first dirt with a Caterpillar tractor.
But he refused to quit or slow down, as several of the photos that lined the walls of the church fellowship hall Saturday - showing him fly-fishing the McKenzie River or operating his Caterpillar tractor, for example - made clear.
Central Pennsylvania, the premier east coast logistics hub, has countless commercial distribution and manufacturing centers including a Caterpillar Tractor Logistics Service Operations Center and the largest Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations facility.
American engineer Benjamin Holt has been credited with inventing the first caterpillar tractor.
It looked like he could bench press a caterpillar tractor, and he's building a runway.
Bristol-based customer care group iSKY Europe - which handles customer inquiries for BMW - is setting up its first Scots venture on the ashes of the huge former Caterpillar tractor factory in Uddingston.
In 1925, Holt and Best joined forces to form Caterpillar Tractor Co.
At the one-acre farm, guests can climb aboard a Caterpillar tractor, join in an interactive Farmers Expo and stroll amidst plots of crops.
What happened to human lives and social relations was of little importance, people considered every new invention as a fortunate step forward towards further inventions, and society was advancing blindly like a caterpillar tractor marking its course by the very act of moving.