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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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The catering unit had been successfully privatized and became the Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering Company; the freight unit became a company, as well as ground services.
The catering unit was the first to be privatised through a private placement in 2008 and is now headed to go public.
After the privatization of the catering unit, the ground handling services business was meant to follow last year with a merger between local firms National Handling Services and Attar Travel Company Ltd, but the due diligence process dragged on.
No date was specified for the IPO, but previous reports suggest that a 30 percent stake in the catering unit will be floated in the third quarter of 2010.
Naturally the Masoods' new arrival makes his first appearance in dramatic style, after Zainab gets locked in at the catering unit and goes into labour, just as the phone stops working.
BBC One Zainab is furious when he finds Christian and Syed getting cosy in the catering unit, and a vicious row breaks out that ends in her son storming off.
He said the catering unit could affect the Arena's policy of dispersing people quickly from the area after they left the premises.
EastEnders (BBC1) Viewers have no doubt noticed that over the past few weeks Jane and Masood have been exchanging some fairly charged looks over the vol-au-vents in the catering unit.
Paul, 30, who was a senior chef for Terry Laybourne in the corporate catering unit at Newcastle United's St James's Park, said: "This is a dream come true for me, running a restaurant where everything on the menu is going to involve local produce, largely from the Lowther Estate itself.
It has signed a deal to sell 49 percent of its catering unit for SAR1.
Temperature control specialists Hubbard Group Services Ltd, tel:0147 389 0129, have recently supplied equipment for an [pounds]130,000 refrigeration contract for the in-flight catering unit at Edinburgh Airport.
A CATERING unit is now under offer at the Capitol Centre in Cardiff following the launch of a five-screen cinema at the centre earlier this year.
I wrote a few weeks ago about the catering unit of Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Summary: The catering unit of Saudi Arabian Airlines is seeking to raise 1.
6 million shares at a nominal value of SAR 10 each) of its catering unit, Saudi Airlines Catering Company in an IPO scheduled for 18-24 June.