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Synonyms for catenate

arrange in a series of rings or chains, as for spores


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i) Multiplication: If A [up arrow] B and X [up arrow] Y, then AX [up arrow] BY either by column catenation or by row catenation.
2005) and admits a natural definition of catenation.
The consequential discovery and development of P-P homoatomic coordination chemistry and catena-phosphinophosphonium chemistry reveal an extensive and diverse catenation chemistry that potentially will parallel those of organic chemistry.
The helical repeat of doublestanded DNA varies as a function of catenation and supercoiling.
To determine the exact phylogenetic relationship of the new isolate within the genus Bartonella, we analyzed an alignment that contained the sequences of 3 important phylogenetic markers, ribonuclease P RNA (RNase P RNA), 16S rDNA, and 23S rDNA, merged by catenation and organized by secondary structure elements, as described (5).
Last in thick swarms Associations spring, Thoughts join to thoughts, to motions motions cling; Whence in long trains of catenation flow Imagined joy, and voluntary woe.
We describe an efficient, purely functional implementation of deques with catenation.
The other case is when the plus sign means either string catenation or set union.
is an infinite catenation of a word x [member of] [A.
The variety in the catenation pattern of the polymer backbones caused by the 2,2'-disubstituted biphenyl moieties may also contribute to solubility, resulted from the nonlinear and asymmetric functionality.
The introduction of the 4,4'-6F-diamine-containing rings fused at the para position might decrease the free volume due to the para catenation in the backbone instead of the meta isomers, which increased steric hindrance when the chains were packed together.