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the curve theoretically assumed by a perfectly flexible and inextensible cord of uniform density and cross section hanging freely from two fixed points

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More than 100 catenary curves can be found in the 'Katena' installation.
The latter calculation method based on the second assumption does not apply to shafting in addition to double bearing support, because the catenary curve of every double bearing supported rotor is calculated firstly and each bearing elevation is adjusted to make each coupling fulfill the zero to zero condition.
The landscape employs the same catenary curve of the arch through the park's walkways and stairways.
The central shaded bazaar street, courtyards, the ruler's meeting hall are all fronted by a huge shaded public piazza that presents a formal front to the sea and has a great white precast concrete roof that assumes a catenary curve between the front and the main building.
MoMA's series is based on a composition that utilizes the catenary curve, juxtaposed with other visual elements, some autobiographical-images of a flag, a galaxy, a family photograph, tiny stick figures, and patterns referring to a traditional Harlequin costume and to a Halloween costume worn by Johns as a child.
The catenary curve is viscerally satisfying and metaphorically rich, triggering thoughts of trajectories, lifelines, and the immutable laws of material existence.
For those explicitly seeking math education, electronic screens scattered around the museum's two floors offer "More Math" lessons explaining underlying concepts such as why square-wheeled trikes require a track with bumps shaped like upside-down catenary curves. But at times the explanations can frustrate.