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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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Alternatively, a categorical syllogism may define the relationships between categories and an individual instance such as: All human beings are mortal.
In considering the possible advent of anarchist society, the banker employs a categorical syllogism:
From these examples it is clear that Rule, Specific Case, and Result correspond to Major Premise, Minor Premise, and Conclusion in an Aristotelian categorical syllogism. However, the fact that Peirce's semantic types of propositions change places in induction and abduction--compared to deduction--leads to different consequences.
I have emphasized the above discussion because a claim often made about Burley is that he fully understood and argued for the priority of propositional logic, subordinating even the categorical syllogism to propositional rules of inference.
(18) "[Syllogistic argument refers] to any argument that either is a standard-form categorical syllogism or can be reformulated as a standard-form categorical syllogism without any loss or change of meaning" (Irving M.