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a new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist


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Most years we had to double- or triple-up and have catechumens share the same sponsor because we just couldn't find enough people to say yes.
(17) Cyprian was concerned that Quirinus's mind "might have a wholesome and large compendium nourishing its memory." (18) So to support each of the 120 precepts, Cyprian quoted biblical texts in full so that Quirinus's catechumens could memorize them as they prepared for baptism.
Cyril of Jerusalem took place within the Church and aimed to bind the catechumen to the Church "the real ship that leads to salvation of the soul." Conducting existential ceremonies in the church, the sacred space, leads to their substantiation upon the ecclesiocentric principle.
It is during the Lenten season that the catechumens make their final preparations to receive the sacraments of baptism, Holy Eucharist, and confirmation, which they celebrate in their parishes during Easter vigil services.
Parts of Hebrews have been identified with a baptismal liturgy or sermon delivered to catechumens as they prepared for baptism.
More significantly, she sees superficiality in the church, as the catechumens are asked to memorize information that seems irrelevant to her life.
Even at the end of Constantine's reign, by which time obligatory pagan worship in the legions had long been abolished, the church order commanded the catechumens not to kill, even if they were ordered to do so.
Lent serves the catechumens as a fitting time of intense instruction and ritual preparation through prayers, scrutinies, exorcisms, and anointing for their initiation at Easter.
Luijendijk paints a portrait of Christians and catechumens travelling with letters from their bishop that ask foreign communities to receive the travelers, provide hospitality, and allow them to participate in worship.
Lang discusses at length how the inverted conversion of Tivoli undermined the practices of the House of Catechumens and was seen as a challenge to Catholic authority.
Similarly, the Narthex held the Catechumens with three doors affording visibility.
Van Egmond makes the fascinating suggestion that there was a real urge to ensure that catechumens were 'fully persuaded' (p.
And when they did enter church for one reason or another, they were to be seated with the catechumens (60).
An interested observer joined a church, or more strictly a group of catechumens, and took time to learn the Christian faith as a set of doctrines, spiritual practices and a code of behaviour.