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of or relating to or involving catechesis


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(11) John Cunningham has written convincingly, though somewhat catechetically, of the effect that the Easter baptismal ritual, retained after the Reformation in the Anglican Church, must have had upon Shakespeare's imagery and theme in King Lear.
The ordering of our readings is mystagogically and catechetically correct.
Because of this, Voris appeals to both orthodox Catholics, by giving them a sense of empowerment, and also to catechetically impoverished Catholics, by nourishing them with authentic Catholic teaching.
So, when introducing a catechetical method or tool, it is essential frequently to ask the question: "Is this a theologically valid and catechetically effective way of teaching the faith?" One does not need an absolutely affirmative answer to begin an innovative project, but the question should inform the development of the project along the way.
However incongruously or aptly, The Misfit's Jesus functions in that story as a "concrete symbol of God," or one who "mediated God," and in whom "people encountered God" (115) more profoundly than Father Flynn's catechetically correct instruction concerning God's "Only Begotten Son."