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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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Other FDR-era catchwords includefiur freedoms, day of infamy, nothing to fear but fear itself .fireside chat, and iffy question.
This leads to the third catchword of the last five years: rebalancing.
The book divided in 12 chapters, each profusely illustrated with diagrams and tables in red and black, marginal notes and comments, catchwords, colophon signed and dated, was dedicated to Sultan Murad II in 1423.
The application also includes word and text shaping presets, and tools to form rings, catchwords and special Tasmeem characters
The bulk of each entry is taken up by the careful descriptions of the miniatures in the text, historiated initials, representations in borders, capitals, catchwords, line endings, and so on, as these occur in each manuscript.
I grabbed a ballpoint and made notes of some of the many fashionable catchwords and phrases that echoed relentlessly through the hearing room as the afternoon droned on into evening.
If we are truly concerned about the loss of biodiversity, new paradigms of collaboration are needed to address this crisis, not more catchwords. For collaboration to proceed, non-indigenous society needs to acknowledge the challenge of representation and communication across cultures, and make a continuous effort to maintain processes whereby conservationists and donors can understand the perspectives and desires of indigenous people and vice versa--i.e., use different processes than the usual project "participation" and "consultation" processes.
Nevertheless, there are a few entries in Safire's dictionary of catchwords that seem to me to have acquired the dignity and difficulty of keywords, by a process that deserves more thoughtful investigation than it can receive here.
The Irish Digests provides a summary; including catchwords and headnotes, of each case reported in the Irish Reports, Northern Ireland Reports, Irish Law Reports Monthly, Irish Law Times Reports, Irish Jurist Reports, and Irish Law Journal.
Transparency, accountability (in both the public and private sectors), good governance, legislation and institutional reform--these were the catchwords throughout the conference.
The catchwords in Sakura's booth will be hand-painted dinnerware, and the new licensed Russel Wright collection, which debuts at specialty stores next month, according to Grinspan.
The exhibition's curators, Evelyne Jouanno and Hou Hanru, say they want to subvert Eurocentric modernism by "introducing elements of 'Other'--i.e., non-Western--cultures." But the terms "multi culturalism" and "the Other" have become tired catchwords by now, and the art chosen for the show looked quite homogeneous, despite its vaunted diversity and pluralism.
His conversation is punctuated by a few important catchwords: Internet, hedging, niche markets, StarLink.
Catchwords like "e-economy," "the New Economy," economic "fairness," and "sustainable, ethical business" practices seem to be rolling off of everyone's tongues these days in a rejoicing holler of support for the "democratisation," i.e.