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a structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)

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Welsh estate agent Kelvin Francis, of Kelvin Francis & Co, said, 'It's difficult to put a price in it, but there is a premium in areas of catchments of the highest regarded schools.
despondent asked: "Wasn't there a pledge to maintain all these catchments following our mega drought when Scammonden ran dry?
To estimate birds' exposure to OC, Singer and his colleagues examined data on OC's biodegradability along with measurements of wastewater discharges into 16 major catchment areas in the United States and the United Kingdom.
1] (output into the Purtse catchment), using the water moving in aquifers in closed mines in direction of Puhajogi and Vasavere catchments.
Within the Balham catchment, there are 19 other competitors, ranging from small Co-op stores to larger format stores such as Sainsbury.
The NCF1 project Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change produced tools for improved adaptation strategies, better understanding of critical issues in the catchments and training and information packages to be used by Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) and local actors.
Are there any introduced species in the creek and catchment and how have these affected the environment?
Catchment Sensitive Farming is a partnership between Natural England and the Environment Agency, funded by Defra and the Rural Development Programme for England, working in priority catchments within England.
PLANS to revise Welsh-medium catchment areas in the capital have been approved.
CSIRO is currently investigating several catchments to test the applicability of the BJP model across different climate regimes.
2005); however, there has been little temporal analysis on individual catchments in Western Australia, with the notable exception of that conducted in the Upper Kent River catchment (Evans et al.
With all the major rivers already dammed to create reservoirs, the next step for Singapore to collect every drop of rain is to tap the minor catchments.
Private providers of information services have also begun to explore the definition of hospital catchments (Ernst and Young 2009).
Among them are the Danube River as the most international river basin, catchments of the Great Barrier Reef, the Senegal River, a collaborative and science-based approach to water quality restoration in the Chesapeake Bay catchment, the Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan, and the catchment of the Mackenzie River Basin in high northern latitudes.
However, while large variations existed, runoff responses were, on average, quite similar when analysed across the 3 catchments (Table 1).