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(baseball) the person who plays the position of catcher

the position on a baseball team of the player who is stationed behind home plate and who catches the balls that the pitcher throws

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Release date- 02082019 - Cimtas Steel is proud to announce that the FOB RoRO deliveries of the final two Slug Catchers have been carried out smoothly and right on schedule, repeating the success of the earlier April deliveries that included the first two Slug Catchers.
Sunday provided unfortunate examples of the perils of being a major league catcher. Hours after the Pittsburgh Pirates' Francisco Cervelli said he was giving up the position because of concussions, Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy had to be carted off the field following a violent home-plate collision.
The Miami Marlins and the Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly still discussing a potential trade deal for catcher J.T.
Mehmood said professional snake catchers are now replacing the traditional ones.
The animal advocates said it has been receiving "disturbing reports and videos of very brutal dog-catchers on the island." It added that the catchers do not just focus on strays.
today on Breaking News Commune, the first and second place finishers can be seen making a mad dash to the finish line, with their flag catchers desperately lunging try to capture the banner in their lane before their rivals.
Rules have been put in place to outlaw runners from plowing into catchers, and catchers have to give runners a lane to the plate in most cases.
Four friends are helping children across the island sleep peacefully throughout the night by creating a colourful collection of catchers ancient Native American Indian tribes believed helped keep bad dreams away.
Can you please list the major-league managers, since 2000, who were catchers during their major-league playing careers?
Chase hit .194 with five homers and 16 RBIs in 68 games during his first two years at Oregon before being one of three catchers named to the all-conference team as a junior.
Once you have the team stolen bases and caught stealing allowed, you can estimate the breakdown among catchers. I prorated caught stealing by assists and stolen bases by putouts.
The Soul Catchers joined this worldwide crusade in 2011 and their group has been growing year-by-year.
One of Boston's catchers both seasons was veteran Duke Farrell, born in West Boylston and raised in Marlboro, a tried-and-true - as well as black-and-blue - New Englander.
I asked him what it is about catchers and managing: take a look at most of baseball's managers, and many of baseball's most accomplished ones (from Connie Mack to Joe Torre), and you will find a bunch of ex-catchers.
There is a chapter in The Death Catchers entitled "Suspending Disbelief," which is what readers must do when reading this modern-day Arthurian novel.