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the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

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The Official Baseball Rules state that a catcher can only use a catcher's mitt, and a fielder can only use a fielder's glove.
In fact, there was no such thing as a left-handed catcher's mitt.
Then, we tie-wrap 36 of the shells into these 18- by 18-inch squares of non-degradable plastic; the shells are oriented standing up, like a catcher's mitt, to increase the surface area for the oyster spat to colonize.
A projectile with little or no spin tends to go straight for a short distance, then move about unpredictably--which is why in baseball, when a knuckleballer is on the mound pitching, the catcher wears an oversize catcher's mitt.
He motioned LeBlanc over and handed him a bat, a ball, and a catcher's mitt.
Richards the innovator introduced an oversized catcher's mitt to catch knuckleball pitchers.
The ball pounded into the catcher's mitt for a strike.
Historians quibble over whether Harry Decker, Joe Gunson, Ted Kennedy, or Jack McCloskey first used the padded catcher's mitt in the late 1880s.
The filter acts like a catcher's mitt to stop blood clots from moving into the lungs," says Dr.
Preferably with faces like a catcher's mitt and teeth like a vandalised graveyard" - Ricky Gervais on the problems of casting for a new film.
He starts the moment the pitch reaches the catcher's mitt and continues until the play-by-play announcer has to practically interrupt him in mid-sentence for the next pitch.
Cobb was a cheat who filed his spikes to a point so he could cut opponents, who didn't think twice about planting a cleat in a fielder's ribs, who would rear his bat back and slam the catcher's mitt.
Almost all his five pitches went straight to the catcher's mitt, winning applause from students.
SOFTBALL Fielder's mitts, right-handed 7 Fielder's mitts, left-handed 2 Catcher's mitt, 1 Catcher's mask, 1 Bats 6 Softballs 6 FOOTBALL Footballs 2 Inflator 1 Air gauge 1 VOLLEYBALL Volleyball 1 Net 1 BADMINTON Badminton set 1 Shuttlecocks 12 DART BOARD SETS 3 HORSESHOES Set of Horseshoes 1 Stakes 2
Every ball he took he'd watch fight back to the catcher's mitt.