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the handwear used by fielders in playing baseball

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After visiting every sporting goods store within a 50-mile radius, my mother and father realized that, indeed, there was no such thing as a left-handed catcher's mitt. Then, after numerous long-distance calls to every baseball equipment company in the country, they finally found one that would manufacture a custom-made model, rush it through production, and ship it special delivery so it would arrive in time for the holidays.
The Official Baseball Rules state that a catcher can only use a catcher's mitt, and a fielder can only use a fielder's glove.
Beneath the visor of his cap, his eyes follow the ball, willing it over the plate and into the catcher's mitt. It is the fastest one he has ever thrown.
He walked over, stuck out a hand the size of a catcher's mitt and said "You believe in God son?" Oh no, here it goes.
The book came out before his election to the Hall of Fame, an honor Piazza long deserved as a force of nature with a bat, if not a catcher's mitt. The guy was a hitting machine, even back in 1992.
He cuts into an aisle in Section 35 and walks down into the heat and smell of the massed fans, he walks into the spoke that hands from the underside of the second deck, he hears the talk, he enters the deep buzz, he hears the warmup pitches crack into the catcher's mitt, a series of reports that carry a comet's tail of secondary sound.
As Banister writhed in pain, Soesbe placed a catcher's mitt on each side of his neck to stabilize it until paramedics arrived--an action that may have saved his life.
But unless someone else was waiting with a catcher's mitt, the fruit would hit the ground and bruise.
"Our goal was to build the biggest catcher's mitt we can build, so that whether a member is in Medicaid, a public exchange, or a small group, we'll have the ability to pick them up," DeVeydt said.
the half shell, the ball slaps into the catcher's mitt, the crowd
Many of them never reach the catcher's mitt, but do wind up in some outfield gap.
The batter doesn't even have time to swing as the ball streaks into the catcher's mitt. STRIKE!
Then, we tie-wrap 36 of the shells into these 18- by 18-inch squares of non-degradable plastic; the shells are oriented standing up, like a catcher's mitt, to increase the surface area for the oyster spat to colonize.
A wall-mounted piece taking the form of five earthenware forms suggesting doughnuts, or a catcher's mitt, each incorporated a video in its orifice centre, depicting such things as beards, mouths, or the brushing of teeth.