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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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Cultural diversity is no longer a positive catch-word but is rather perceived as a major problem by many Europeans.
The justice theme was a constant at Assembly but other than Tuesday night's focus on First Nations it tended to be a catch-word that lacked definition and content--more water than wine.
The new catch-word between today's radio station's sales department and its advertisers is "clusters," the number of radio stations any given company owns in a single market.
The company's acquisition of Catch-Word, an online journal converter and distributor, for $15.4 million in February marked a significant stage in its evolution, gaining it prominent column inches in the Financial Times.
Girard said the catch-word here is `imminent.' Imminent does not mean immediate, but is misinterpreted as such, said Girard.
Quit falling for the catch-words "Benghazi," "emails," "lack of transparency" and so on; we keep hearing them all - and now we hear "crooked Hillary" from Trump.