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Synonyms for Sun

Words related to Sun

the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system

a person considered as a source of warmth or energy or glory etc

any star around which a planetary system revolves

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first day of the week

expose one's body to the sun


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expose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun

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Then they set about revamping the old porch, turning it into an extra room to catch the sun's rays.
Architect Judith Chafee of Tucson pushed the exterior walls out to the edge of the old porch, then sloped the porch roof more steeply to catch the sun with clerestory windows, brightening the new spaces as well as the old ones.
Inspired by the work of American film director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, you can catch The Sun, The Moon and The Stars on Sunday, at 11am, and on Monday, also at 11am.
Ground controllers are going to see whether it's possible to adjust the lander to make sure its solar panels can catch the sun and charge its batteries.
"Outside there are several seating areas that catch the sun at any time of the day, we do enjoy the garden very much," explains the owner.
Black and White Town lifted as did Catch the Sun and Snowden earlier on in the night.
RAY TO GO: Relaxing in Lee Fields, Cork, yesterday Picture: PROVISION; BEACH BABES: Pals catch the sun in Bray, Co Wicklow; ALL WHITE NOW: Sarah Morrisey in St Stephen's Green yesterday
Containers on the ground or balcony base can be moved around to catch the sun or be grouped for a massed effect.
Minor disappointments were the absence of Catch The Sun and Spaceface, the monstrous closer from their dance-infused Sub Sub days.
During the summer the cafe will be opened up onto a patio area where customers can catch the sun while nibbling a bun.
Where We're Calling From is a DVD that incorporates all their promo videos to date - Sea Song, Catch the Sun, the award-winning There Goes the Fear, Caught by the River etc - plus a 48-minute live performance recorded at Cornwall's Eden Project.
Between songs banter was kept to a minimum as the Doves played on, but after the lilting and tilting Sea Song and Catch the Sun, they seemed to run out of steam.
The discs should be able to rotate freely and placed where they can catch the sun's rays.