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a phrase that has become a catchword

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Once again, we were impressed with the creativity of advertising copywriters, whose new catch phrases sum up, in only a second or two, a product's top selling-and buying-point!
In the days when radio was king, catch phrases abounded and some still live on.
This notion is at the heart of such catch phrases as "self-fulfillment", "self-realization," and "self-redemption." And New Age truth is a matter of finding one's own truth in accordance with the "feel-good" factor.
``So they would shout out catch phrases to us or come up for a chat.
Profusely illustrated by Jim Sarris with one hundred instances of cartoon style artwork, Comic Mnemonics: A Fun, Easy Way To Remember Spanish Verbs by Jim Sarris is a vocabulary building guide that uses simple, humorous line drawings and whimsical catch phrases to help students of Spanish memorize verbs, such as "viajar" to travel: "on Mars, they travel via jars".
Seven programs include historical events by day and decade, a collection of lists, a dictionary of cliches and catch phrases, an unexpurgated slang thesaurus, humorous quotations, and a selection of Internet humour pieces, claims the company.
With stylish blond bangs and neat, colorful suits and skirts, she always appears ready for TV, and she enjoys firing off taut catch phrases: "I am the liberal media!" "Democrats need courage!" "The only thing Orwell got wrong was the date!"
There are any number of catch phrases in the storage industry that some would just as soon move out of the lexicon.
"I could walk down the beach spouting annoying catch phrases from the 80s and 90s.
Officers who contemplate purchasing any security holster should ignore catch phrases, marketing hype and sales tools.
On the surface, the globalization of standards seems a simple issue, especially when couched in such slogans as "one standard, one test, one time." But beneath the surface of catch phrases, buzz words and mantras, lies a murky and turbulent topic.
The author moves concisely and adeptly between African idiom and the quick catch phrases of Western popular culture with a deliberate necessity reflective of his own world view.
Janet thinks this is a wonderful phrase, of course; I think it is one of the most annoying catch phrases of the Religious Right.
Each has been accompanied by its various buzzwords and catch phrases, paperwork, consultants, success stories, proponents, detractors and heaps of debate about its true usefulness.