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a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods

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Perhaps, the shock of Britain leaving the Union could be exactly what's needed to jumpstart Europe out of its near catatonic state.
The Last Exorcism - Part II (18) NELL Sweetzer (Ashley Bell), the sole survivor of a bungled exorcism, is discovered in a catatonic state.
Cineworld (Sat & Sun), Showcase, Odeon & VUE NELL SWEETZER (Ashley Bell), the sole survivor of a bungled exorcism, is discovered in a catatonic state.
Your average driver in Bahrain seems to go into some sort of catatonic state when arriving at a roundabout.
In 1918, Audrey Death, a feminist, socialist and munitions worker, falls ill and enters a catatonic state.
In response, nearby ants enter a motionless, catatonic state and overall colony activity declines by at least 50 percent.
He seemed to stare ahead, almost in a catatonic state, mummy- or dummy-like to a large extent.
After receiving no response to their emergency lights and air horn, Deputy Brock exited the EOD vehicle and observed an elderly woman in the minivan in a catatonic state, going in and out of consciousness.
When Adriane emerges from her catatonic state, she and Nora decide to decipher the clues of the manuscript and find the answer to who is responsible for Chris' murder.
Every time there was an explosion he would go into a flashback, which is like a catatonic state," Contactmusic quoted Close as telling People.
MV arrives in the emergency room in an emaciated and catatonic state.
On the way back to the United States, they talk of their wartime adventures in hopes of rousing Lieutenant Janet "Davy" Davidson (Claudette Colbert) from a catatonic state.
Many such sites provide activities that are more likely to put participants into a catatonic state than actually lead to any learning, so the exercises detailed here are a refreshing change.
After a few days they retreat into a catatonic state where, significantly, their perception of the outside environment shrinks until they are not even aware of the room they are in, or each other.
Extreme excitability in a catatonic state presents a risk of injuring self and/or others, with ensuing autonomic disturbances, such as tachycardia and hypertension, and can result in collapse.