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a form of schizophrenia characterized by a tendency to remain in a fixed stuporous state for long periods

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In the 20 years since we've seen these two lovable dimwits, Lloyd (Jim Carrey) has been in an institution, in a catatonic state, visited by loyal Harry (Jeff Daniels).
Awakenings was based on his work with patients who were treated with a drug that woke them up after years in a catatonic state.
It had a way of lulling you into its depressing rhythm until, without quite realising it, you'd watched five episodes and slipped into a catatonic state.
It had been six months since the accident, yet Anne showed no signs of coming out of the catatonic state she had fallen into.
Its characters search for a master copy of a film that was so enjoyable to its viewers it left them in a catatonic state and led to their deaths.
Kiki arrives and tells Franco that Heather is in a catatonic state, locked safely in her cell.
45-caliber pistol last year that officers had seized four months earlier after receiving a call that Jose Reynaldo Santiago, an Army veteran with post-traumatic stress, was walking around his home in the middle of the night in a catatonic state with a gun in the pocket of his bathrobe.
The Last Exorcism - Part II (18) NELL Sweetzer (Ashley Bell), the sole survivor of a bungled exorcism, is discovered in a catatonic state.
Cineworld (Sat & Sun), Showcase, Odeon & VUE NELL SWEETZER (Ashley Bell), the sole survivor of a bungled exorcism, is discovered in a catatonic state.
Your average driver in Bahrain seems to go into some sort of catatonic state when arriving at a roundabout.
In 1918, Audrey Death, a feminist, socialist and munitions worker, falls ill and enters a catatonic state.
In response, nearby ants enter a motionless, catatonic state and overall colony activity declines by at least 50 percent.
He seemed to stare ahead, almost in a catatonic state, mummy- or dummy-like to a large extent.