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an economic policy adopted in the former Soviet Union

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"Beyond Catastroika: Prospects for Market Transition in the Commonwealth of Independent States," Atlantic Economic Journal, 20, 1, March 1992, pp.
Rather, they're going to Communist-trained bureaucrats who prefer "catastroika" and "kleptostroika" to capitalism and democracy.
From Stagnation to Catastroika (New York: Praeger/ Washington Papers).
The prospects for a complete economic collapse (catastroika) may have substantially contributed to the failed August coup, the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union despite the widespread perception that Gorbachev's radical reforms were worth saving [Allison and Blackwill, 1991; Layne, 1990-91].
Philip Hanson, "Soviet Economic Reform: Perestroika or 'Catastroika'?" World Policy Journal, Spring 1991, pp.