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genus of tropical American orchids having showy male and female flowers usually on separate inflorescences

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This study aimed to compare vitroplants of Catasetum x apolloi grown under natural light and artificial light and different concentrations of potassium silicate, providing data on anatomical plasticity that might assist in the acclimation process of this endemic species from the northern Mato Grosso.
Like some people, Catasetum orchids get rough because they're bent out of shape.
Esta última condição foi, também, constatada nos pseudobulbos de Catasetum fimbriatum, Stanhopea lietzei (Oliveira e Sajo, 2001) e Cattleya walkeriana (Silva e Milaneze-Gutierre, 2004), espécies capazes de sobreviver em ambientes xéricos; ao contrário das espécies de Miltonia acima citadas.
Floral fragrance and isolation mechanisms in the genus Catasetum (Orchidiaceae).
1995 "Analisis comparativo del contenido de ceras en hojas de Catasetum fimbriatum (Morres Lindi in vitro y ex Vitrd".
Cattleya lehmanni, Oliveriana lehmanni, Polcycynis lehmannii Rolfe, Ada lehmannii Rolfe, Catasetum lehmannii Regel, Chrysocynis lehmannii Rolfe, Dichaea lehmannii Schltr.
Ecological correlates of labile sex expression in the orchid Catasetum viridiflavum.
One variety, the Catasetum barbartum, is popularly known as the "pollen shooter" because it fires a load of sticky pollen on unsuspecting bees that enter the flower in search of nectar.
In the article "Anatomy and micromorphometric analysis of leaf Catasetum x apolloi Benelli & Grill with addition of potassium silicate under different light sources", DOI http://dx.
1]) para o crescimento da parte aerea e radicular de Catasetum fimbriatum e Cyrtopodium paranaensis, indicando que as exigencias nutricionais sao distintas entre os generos da Familia Orchidaceae.
2004) afirma que plantas de Catasetum fimbriatum, quando cultivadas in vitro no escuro, apresentam estiolamento caulinar, podendo seus segmentos nodais serem utilizados para a propagacao vegetativa.
Bee arrival at two Costa Rican female Catasetum orchid inflorescences, and a hypothesis on euglossine population structure.
Floral fragrances and isolating mechanisms in the genus Catasetum (Orchidaceae).