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Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1812 Superfamily Ceboidea Bonaparte, 1831 Parvorder Catarrhini E.
Named Pliopithecus canmatensis, after the site (Can Mata in the Valles-Penedes basin), the primate belonged to an extinct family of Old World monkeys, Catarrhini, which dispersed from Africa to Eurasia.
"Based on the anatomical, palaeobiographical and biostratigraphic information available, the most probable evolutionary scenario for this group is that the Pliopithecoidea were the first Catarrhini to disperse from Africa to Eurasia, where they experienced an evolutionary radiation in a continent initially deserted of other anthropoids (apes)," David Alba, the project leader and a researcher at the Catalan Institute for Palaeontology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), aid.
There are 16 to 19 species of Macaca monkeys (5,6) which are part of a larger group of primates taxonomically classified as Catarrhini in reference to their elongate muzzle with a narrow, turned-down nose (similar to humans).