Cataract Canyon

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a tributary of the Grand Canyon

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The economic and social significance of the Matawidita Canyon fields appeared in a comparison with Cataract Canyon fields.
Iliff, pioneer federal schoolteacher in Cataract Canyon just after 1900, reported multiple occasions when the late chief Navajo summarily executed other Havasupais.
The new white water rafting trips by Wilderness River Adventures take visitors into the heart of Cataract Canyon which lies deep within Canyonlands National Park located in Southeast Utah.
The rafting trips through Cataract Canyon can accommodate children as young 10 years of age.
Cataract Canyon is labeled as a class five trip with waves reaching 40 feet high.
Stillwater and Cataract Canyon Rafting, Green and Colorado Rivers, Canyonlands Park, Utah.
For the 2005 season, Western River Expeditions offers a full slate of trips including one to four days on Cataract Canyon, a 100-mile-long chasm of 28 rapids through the heart of Canyonlands National Park; a 4-day trip on the Green River through Desolation Canyon and 60 fun-filled rapids; or a 3-day Westwater Multi-Sport trip, combining the big whitewater rafting rapids of Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River, a horseback ride through the red rocks of Castle Valley, Utah and a Hummer tour over Moab's famous slickrock in southern Utah.
Experience the contrast between the tranquil beauty of Stillwater Canyon and the frothy whitewater gauntlet of Cataract Canyon.
Experience the contrast between the absolute tranquility of Stillwater Canyon and sheer adventure of Westwater and Cataract canyons.
Below the confluence is Cataract Canyon, whose Big Drop Rapids fall 30 feet in less than 1 mile.
TODAY: Lake Powell washed away many such ruins, to say nothing of the "corn shucks" - at high water, the lake inundates the last 35 miles of rapids in Cataract Canyon.
Western River Expeditions guides more people down the Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon, Westwater, and the Green River annually than any other company.
Cataract Canyon Singles Raft, Canyonlands Park, Utah.
It's out along a washboarded, four-wheel-drive track that wanders off through pinon-juniper woodland from the paved road that traverses the Island in the Sky, a great mesa that begins somewhere in the flats above Tenmile Canyon and ends in a precipitous drop to the confluence of the Green and Colorado at the mouth of Cataract Canyon.
You can opt either for a one-day, oneconcert excursion on a jet boat (September 9 or 10, $75) or a four-day, twoconcert trip through Cataract Canyon on a catamaran-like raft equipped with a motor that's used mainly in rapids (September 10 through 13, $640; with additional two-day jeep safari, $970).