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The Catamounts outscored HC, 15-3, over the first seven minutes.
Kotsopoulos scored nine straight points midway through the half and the Catamounts took their largest lead - 66-35 - on her 3-pointer with 8:34 to play.
Using that business plan, Catamount got to its feet in 1986, capitalizing through the combination of a private stock offering, a low-interest state development loan and a bank loan guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.
Although Catamount started out small, Mason realized that the company would have to move into the broader New England market.
Catamount facilitated its expansion by turning to distributors.
Mason reports that Catamount gradually built relationships with wholesalers in out-of-state markets as well.
The Company's two non-regulated subsidiaries include Catamount Energy Corporation ("Catamount") and Eversant Corporation ("Eversant").
Catamount invests in non-regulated energy generation projects in the United States and Western Europe with a current focus on developing, owning and operating wind energy projects.
Our non-regulated subsidiary, Catamount Energy Corporation, has also continued to improve its financial position by generating positive earnings while successfully renewing its corporate revolver and significantly reducing the debt on its balance sheet in early 2003," Young said.
22 per share of common stock, resulting from the Vermont Yankee sale in the third quarter of 2002, primarily due to state tax benefits available to Vermont Yankee; the Company's distribution of the sale proceeds and final accounting for the sale are pending certain regulatory approvals and the resolution of certain closing items between the seller and purchaser; -- earnings at Catamount Energy Corporation of $1.
Catamount Energy Corporation, CV's non-regulated subsidiary, invests primarily in wind energy projects in the United States and Western Europe.