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a sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck

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The Catamaran Company is the worldwide leader in all aspects of the catamaran market," says Gemini Catamarans President Laura Hershfeld.
is looking to combine the best of both worlds: the speed and maneuverability of the latest hydrofoil technology along with the luxury of a 70-foot catamaran.
SailTime, a US-based company offering fractional boat ownership, has announced a partnership with Gemini Catamarans, a US-based company that manufactures multi-hull Gemini catamarans.
Racing in catamarans will make the 34th America's Cup very different than the 32nd at Valencia in 2007.
There is no better way than starting your morning on board a luxurious catamaran, cruising along the ocean.
One of the latest catamarans is the locally-designed and manufactured Seawind 1250; the new top of a long line of Seawind cruising cats, which have been tweaked and fine-tuned many times over since they first won Australian Sailboat of the Year in 1995 (a feat repeated once again exactly 10 years later in 2005).
Catamarans and trimarans have to do more tacking back and forth to travel upwind.
New Generation Sailing Catamaran Ideal for Cruising
The competition was a Trident-UK Scottish Skiff Racing Grand Prix event and formed part of the Scottish and North East Catamaran Class Association Red Insurance Catamaran Series.
It is the latest of several Australian catamarans to be put to use by U.
Also going ahead tomorrow will be the Liverpool Sailing Club's Head of the River race for dinghies, catamarans and day sailing craft.
Coulombe founded HTM in 1995 and quickly became known for high- performance family catamarans.
The hovercraft will be replaced by two high-speed SeaCat catamarans.
Branson, who boasts two previous Atlantic conquests by sea and by air, revealed his past experience with catamarans amounted to an 18ft Hobie.
Stars and Stripes' most striking feature is that its mainsail doesn't look like a sail at all, but rather a solid, vertical wing like those used by the much smaller class-C racing catamarans.