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acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

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As shown in Table-3, among the catalysts, the amine- free porous silica is completely inert, and hence, anchored amine groups were the catalytic species (Table-3).
We recently developed a novel amperometric RSNO sensor that is based on the use of an immobilized organoselenium catalytic species at the surface of an electrochemical NO detector (9).
Some early insight into the active catalytic species in the drying of alkyd paints has been gained.
Ozin's expertise in the spectroscopic characterization of clusters from his matrix isolation research led to a marvellously full understanding of the structure and reactivity of catalytic species in zeolites through techniques like vibrational spectroscopy, electron paramagnetic resonance, X-ray absorption fine structure analysis and photoelectron spectroscopy.
The actual catalytic species was a colloid formed by the reduction of the catalyst by the silane.