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the part of an enzyme or antibody where the chemical reaction occurs

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Unfortunately, many of these enzymes have similar structures, particularly their catalytic domains, where the chemical reaction takes place.
While differences in our conclusions may be attributable to different species of CaMKII (human versus rat) and isoforms ([alpha] versus [delta]), we do not favor these possibilities as the catalytic domain of all four CaMKII isoforms is highly conserved [9].
Actually, all of these residues fell in the catalytic domain. This result was consistent with our idea on a nucleotide-induced conformational change obtained from [sup.1]H-NMR analysis of Tyr and His residues.
Its presence is vital for the catalytic domain's ability to degrade collagen triple helix [15].
The third and latest generations of immunotoxins are designed to contain only the variable fragment (Fv) portion of a mAb for binding and the translocation and catalytic domains of toxins to kill tumor cells.
The catalytic domain of family 18 chitinases has conserved sequences SXGG for binding and DXDXE for hydrolysis, with the glutamate residue participating as proton donor at the -1 catalytic subsite.
In addition, this binding pattern is also observed in SusD [27], barley, and pancreatic [alpha]-amylases that bind raw starch on the surface of the catalytic domain [28, 29].
Identification of a point mutation in the catalytic domain of the protooncogene c-kit in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients who have mastocytosis with an associated hematologic disorder.
Molecular docking studies revealed that 5-OH was accessible to the catalytic domain of UGTIAs; therefore, 5-OH exhibited a high probability of glucuronidation.
The results revealed two domains (Starch synthase, catalytic domain and Glycosyl transferase, family 1) in waxy protein of rice while only one domain (Starch synthase, catalytic domain) was found in maize (Fig.
PCSK9 has a signal peptide, a prosegment, and a catalytic domain but not a P-domain; instead there is a cysteine/histidine-rich domain in the C-terminal domain (Fig.
Cin-4, a protein with homology to the catalytic domain of topoisomerase II, is specific to neural development in C.
mTOR belongs to the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) kinase-related kinase (PIKK) superfamily as the catalytic domain of PI3K has strong homology with the C-terminus of mTOR [11].
The N-terminal domains of all TIMPs function to inhibit MMP activity by binding to the zinc-active site found in the catalytic domain of all MMPs [15].
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