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Biochemical features of a catalytic antibody light chain, 22F6, prepared from human lymphocytes.
The DVD-ADCs take advantage of an unusually reactive amino acid residue, a natural lysine of the catalytic antibody.
Wondering if the catalytic antibody was somehow unique, they gathered natural antibodies from laboratories throughout their institute.
In the R&D area, Cyanotech continues to pursue development of its unique, bio-engineered mosquitocide product and its aldolase catalytic antibody. Transformation of the microalgae, Synechococcus, to express the Bti mosquitocide toxin has proven more difficult than originally anticipated and the company now expects preliminary data on toxin expression levels after mid-year.
The drug-busting protein, known as a catalytic antibody, splits a molecule of cocaine into two harmless fragments without destroying itself (SN: 3/27/93, p.