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acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction

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The catalytic activity of metal doped catalyst was tested for the oxidation of toluene with hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent [10].
Table 3 summarizes the results of catalytic activity in term of yields for the obtained reaction products at different reaction conditions.
This leads consequently to increase the density of the immobilized enzyme molecules on the particles' surface which in turn leading to rise of "protein-protein" interaction and a consequence reduction of catalytic activity.
Toshiba further plans to improve the conversion efficiency by increasing catalytic activity, with the aim of securing practical implementation in the 2020s.
The iron species interacts with the platinum to enhance catalytic activity," says Zhang.
Their directive lists standard units in which to measure plane angles, solid angles, inductance, luminous flux, catalytic activity and a range of other such things, but makes no mention of tablespoons at all.
Chemists and material scientists survey nanometer-sized particles that have an influence on catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability and modern synthetic methods used to make nano-sized particles.
In this paper we link the catalytic activity of carboxypeptidase N to tumor progression in clinical samples from breast cancer patients and a breast cancer animal model.
Catalytic activity of Jordanian zeolite and diatomite during MBOH conversion remained relatively constant, whereas a slight increase of conversion on time was observed for bentonite, red and white kaolinite.
The catalytic activity appeared to depend on the mesoporosity and the Si/Al ratio of the zeolite.
Tissue-specific differences in catalytic activity, however, appeared between birds with mild and severe pathology responses.
The CATLAB integrated micro-reactor/mass spectrometer system from Hiden is specifically optimized for continuous quantitative real-time analysis of catalytic activity and reaction components.
However, adding large amounts of copolymers for maximum catalytic activity is a problem.
Because of the extreme thinness and high surface area of the platinum layer, the platinum catalytic activity is about 10 times that of bulk platinum.