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change by catalysis or cause to catalyze

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A two step transesterification process has also been employed (Canakci and Gerpen, 2001; Wang and Liu, 2006) in which firstly acid catalysed reaction is carried out for high FFA containing oils followed by base catalysation to produce biodiesel in high yields.
Enzyme lipase catalysed transesterification of the oils including high FFA and water containing oils has also been studied (Orcaire et al.
It is the objective of these investigations to study the chemically catalysed transesterification processes for the production of biodiesel form waste frying oils and to prepare blends of biodiesel and petrodiesel for examining the fuel properties of the blends.
Base Catalysed transesterification: Caustic soda (2g) was dissolved in methanol (70g) in a round bottom flask equipped with a condenser and stirring and heating arrangements and to this was added bleached oil (100g).
In standard SRNG and POX processes, the reformation reaction is catalysed chemically.