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tree of the genus Catalpa with large leaves and white flowers followed by long slender pods

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The tree battle in focus:The catalpa tree in St James' Square, Monmouth, is more than 100 years old and, according to Monmouth Action Group, is one of the best examples of the species in Britain.
The winter dieback and the requirement for warmth in spring clearly indicate that the northern catalpa is not wholly suited to our climate, though our catalpa tree is surviving and even doing well enough to produce flowers every year.
We all remembered the tire swing on the crooked catalpa tree.
At a tender age I was puffing on anything that made smoke - corn silk, coffee, seeds from wild weeds, catalpa tree |cigars,' even the reed used in buggy whips.
A very rare deciduous Catalpa tree was planted in the same year and still survives to this day.
As a child in 1951, Bauguess photographed a cat in a catalpa tree.
The only violent act appears to be the council's plans to chop down a record-breaking Catalpa Tree - from the Trumpet Creeper family - whose admirable 100cm base is rooted in St James Square.
He wasted no time and loved the life of a man who lived to lie in the third branch of the catalpa tree he dreamed up outside
Also in Locke Park there is a catalpa tree, specially brought from Florida to mark the opening ceremony in 1930.
The catalpa trees were in thick bloom and for some reason the smell made me think of my mother.