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tree of the genus Catalpa with large leaves and white flowers followed by long slender pods

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9 /PRNewswire/ -- If catfish could climb, they'd head straight for the nearest catalpa tree, according to the Rural Sportsman section of Progressive Farmer magazine.
Try to get seed from someone who already has a catalpa tree,
The catalpa trees were in thick bloom and for some reason the smell made me think of my mother.
Asiatic lilies, poison ivy, meadow rue, Indian hemp, and the catalpa trees are budding.
27, 1962, IN OXFORD, Miss, among the elms and oaks and catalpa trees on the campus of Ole Miss, a gifted young freelancer snapped a photograph for Life magazine of seven Mississippi sheriffs having too good a time.
In 1921, the first-ever aerial chemical application in the United States dropped lead arsenate dust over catalpa trees in Ohio.
Original and reconstructed structures of stone and wood flank the road, some standing in the shade of locust and catalpa trees.
In my childhood the catalpa trees of our neighborhood were visited annually by a moth that laid eggs on the leaves shortly before the tree flowered.
Catalpa trees and picture-perfect lawns just don't mix particularly well.