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a region of northeastern Spain

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The Catalonian population was in the front rank of those who opposed Franco and his Nazi allies, while most of the Spaniards sided with Franco, who appealed to the past of that gifted people, with its history of conquest, especially in South America, where entire native populations were eliminated in a manner similar to the treatment of the Jewish people and the Roma by Hitler and the millions who followed him in a robotic fashion from 1933 to 1945.
For Catalonians, however, the prosecution of the dozen have turned them into heroes, and resulted in regular mass protests with chants of "Free political prisoners".
The Catalonian authorities asked for talks with Spain but Rajoy has instead opted to take direct control of the region, and has basically overthrown its government.
A Catalonian's right to selfdetermination couldn't be a more different issue than a Californian's right not to be shot by an insane gun wielder - yet in each country a constitution designed to protect their rights is infringing upon them.
The referendum vote will ask Catalonians to decide whether they want "Catalonia to be an independent country in the form of a republic," and should a majority vote yes, the assembly will declare independence within 48 hours, TeleSUR reported.
Besides making history, the Catalonians also successfully avenged their heartbreaking 26-25 semi-final loss in the hands of the Germans at the 2015 tournament which ended their dreams of a third successive victories back then.
While speaking about Catalonia during the program, Arda said he respects the views of the Catalonian people and wishes that problems in Turkey could be solved in the same way, referring to discussions between the Catalonians and the Spanish government to solve disputes.
For some time Catalonians have been fighting to secede or break-away from Spain.
But the issue is politically fraught, with many lawmakers arguing that Catalonians alone cannot decide something that affects all of Spain.
The term "Kastila" is a bit more accurate because it refers to "Castilian" as a language and as a population group found in Spain, different from the Catalonians (Barcelona is in the Catalonian part) and the Basques.
'Avoid confusing Catalonians by changing The Bull Ring to the more accurate Birmingham Shopping Centre'.
The Catalonians too campaigned successfully for .cat so it's about time that our own Government has started agreeing that Wales should have its own internet presence in this way.
Robson knows only too well the fierce pride the Catalonians have in their homeland.
MADRID, Dec 21 (KUNA) -- Spanish Government on Friday named Barcelona International Airport after the eminent Catalonian politician, Josep Tarradellas, in a gesture intended thaw the icy ties with the separatist Catalonians.
The question is how much of that support is of soft separatists -- Spaniards first, rather than Catalonians first?