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a region of northeastern Spain

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We like to do things the Catalonian way and take our time and enjoy our food.
Al-Pi is a major telecommunications service providers in the Catalonian region , pertaining to Uni2 group, France Telecom (75%) and to the Telecommunications Center of the Generalitat of Catalonia (25%).
Before he died of a brain haemorrhage in 2000, Catalonian architect Enric Miralles said he wanted to create a magical building - and that's whathe has achieved.
Barcelona, Spain's second city and Catalonian capital, makes a fascinating excursion.
The new CCGT, whose power capacity is superior to 4% of the total installed capacity in the ordinary regime in Catalonia, is expected to produce more than 7% of the total electric supplied in the Catalonian area.
There's no doubt that they came away with a result, but it was because of the Catalonian side's failure to capitalise on their dominance, not Jose's nous.
Once completed, the power plant will be able to generate a 7% of the total electric demand in the Catalonian area.
Celtic had it and the Catalonian side didn't on the night.
Ladieswear store Coast and the Centro juice and coffee bar both opened last week, while independent Catalonian restaurant and delicatessen Lunya is due to open its doors in the middle of March.
His voluptuously plastic School of Plastic Arts makes reference not only to late Corb, but also, in its bulging Catalonian brick domes and vaults, to an African village and to the goddess of fertility and creativity herself, woman.
We will have a Catalonian member of the Spanish parliament with us on the march.
Three daily direct services to the Catalonian capital will begin on November 1.
Mr Williams revealed Catalonian representations to the British government had played a big part in persuading Westminster ministers of the need to improve Welsh language rights.
There are huge baths set close to the floor-to-ceiling windows with fantastic views over the sprawling Catalonian countryside.
It was important to see for ourselves the challenges that these new woodlands could provide, and while the Catalonian forests are not identical to how we expect ours to develop, they do give a valuable insight into some of the future forest issues that we could be facing.