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a region of northeastern Spain

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Kusai Kedri, DEA from Sorbonne Nouvelle, is a lecturer at the University of Barcelona, Catalonia. Also, he is a senior broadcast journalist working on a freelance basis for different news networks.
Catalonia is the third largest area reciever of Bulgarian citizens in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona.
The first use of the term 'Catalonia' was in the 12th century, and after the fall of Charlemagne in this era, Catalonia united with the neighbouring Kingdom of Aragon.
Heavy rains in Catalonia since several days are the cause of this landslide.
At the height of the crisis over Catalonia's secession drive last year, thousands of companies moved their legal headquarters out of the region, the Madrid stock market and government bonds took a hit and the Spanish state came under strong pressure.
The rating actions reflect: (i) the central government is continuing to service Catalonia's debt and despite the political uncertainties, we consider this will continue; (ii) the tensions between the governments have reduced, while pro-independence parties have a majority at the regional parliament; and (iii) the Catalan economy is performing well, as indicated by the increase in the number of workers.
The tension between the Spanish government in Madrid and the pro-independence government in Catalonia have continued to reach new stages, with Catalonia's call for independence being one of the greatest movements for self-determination over the past several years.
The general view from abroad seems to be that the Catalan independence movement is democratic and peaceful, and that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy could resolve the issue simply by calling for a referendum, or by granting greater fiscal autonomy to Catalonia. Among the biggest misconceptions is the belief that secessionist leaders are democratic; they are anything but.
This picture taken on September 30 shows protesters with Spanish flags during a demonstration in Barcelona against independence in Catalonia.
Since then, the debate has continued, with a new emphasis on whether Catalonia can become independent without any kind of agreement with Madrid.
Madrid - Catalonia's fugitive former president has called for Spanish authorities to open negotiations regarding the restitution of what he calls his "legitimate government."
The voters of the Spanish region of Catalonia went to the polls last week to elect a new regional parliament.
To my surprise, he laughs back, 'I am not upset, it's the commentator on the radio who is not asking the right questions from the pro-independence candidate running in the Catalonia elections' he answers.