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enzyme found in most plant and animal cells that functions as an oxidative catalyst

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Positive results were recorded for methyl red test, voges proskauer and catalase test while negative test for DNAase test.
The principal biochemical tests performed for this purpose include, lactose fermentation test (LAC), indole test (IND), methyl red test (MR), Voges-Proskauer test (VP), urease test (URE), catalase test (CAT), aerobic and anaerobic test (Ae/An).
Identification was confirmed by colonial morphology, Gram staining, catalase test, coagulase test, DNAse test.
It also showed negative result for catalase test, nitrate reduction test, citrate test, methyl red Voges-Proskeur test, casein hydrolysis test but positive result for glucose, lactose and sucrose fermentation (Table 1).
Catalase test was done by using an autoclaved glass slide, of which a drop of hydrogen peroxide was placed.
Biochemical Tests such as Catalase Test, TSI Test, MRVP Test and Indole Test were also performed for further confirmation of E.
Enterococcus is Gram positive bacterium, API 10, carbohydrate, and indole positive but negative for catalase test (Clarke, 1953; Slanetz and Bartley, 1957).
Physiological and biochemical characters of the organisms were checked following the standard methods for identification of the isolates [7] Different biochemical tests like Oxidase test, catalase test, urease test, indole production test, methyl red, voges-proskauer (acetone production) test, nitrate reduction test, citrate utilization test, carbohydrate metabolism were studied.
A Gram stain, catalase test, and latex streptococcus grouping test to identify Lancefield streptococcal groups A, B, C, D, F and G were performed.
Cultural, morphological, and biochemical characteristics of diazotrophic isolates +, Growth; -, no growth; Al, alkaline; Ac, acidic; W, weak SK01 SK02 Cultural Transparent, Transparent, mucoid, mucoid, round, entire, round, entire, raised, large raised, large, dew drop Shape Rods Rods Motility Slow motile Motile Metachromatic + + Catalase test + + Oxidase test - + Methyl red test - Nitrate reduction + + Nitrite reduction + + Citrate utilisation + (W) - Gelatin liquefaction + - Urease production + + Starch hydrolysis - - TSI agar (48 h) Al slant, Al slant, Ac butt Ac butt (w) [H.
After several identification tests (Gram test, monochrome test, catalase test, motility test etc) and subculturing, lactic acid bacteria were obtained.
tuberculosis by standard biochemical reactions (2) like Para nitro benzoic acid on LJ medium, niacin test, nitrate test, catalase test, etc.
Generally catalase test is used to differentiate Streptococcus from Staphylococcus.