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a native or inhabitant of Catalonia

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the Romance language spoken in Catalonia in eastern Spain (related to Spanish and Occitan)

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Hearing that, the delegate of El Salvador, Javier Mateu (son of Catalans), announced that the Catalan question had yet to be resolved.
Catalans coach Steve McNamara added: "It was a great contest for 60 minutes but there was a bit fatigue and some errors from us."
Catalans spokesman Yannick Rey said the Perpignan club received the backing of Wigan at a recent Super League clubs meeting and all that remains to be finalised is the date, with a Saturday in May or June the likely option after the end of the LaLiga season.
Pour rappel, treize leaders catalans dont l'ancien president regional Carles Puigdemont, ayant fui en Belgique, ont ete accuses de rebellion par Madrid; ce qui peut leur valoir jusqu'a 25 annees d'emprisonnement.
PREVIOUS MEETINGS CHALLENGE CUP: 2012 (Quarter-Final) Catalans Dragons 22 Warrington 32.
Catalans have been able to continue a distinct culture, even though they have taken part in the broader Spanish culture as well.
What distinguishes Catalans from the populations of what are now independent states in the Balkans is that they are not ethnically different from the rest of Spain.
Most Catalans who opposed the referendum on the grounds that it was illegal didn't go to the polls; and so mostly pro-independence Catalans turned out, leading to a result in favour of independence.
Both the Spanish and Catalan governments have now gone for the nuclear option - the Catalans by declaring unilateral independence and Spain by triggering Article 155 of the constitution.
It bolstered Welsh nationalists, who yesterday praised the Catalans for "gaining their independence through peaceful, democratic means".
Pro-independence Catalans are expected to hold a long-planned march against Madrid's takeover of the region on Sunday.
Civil disobedience was also backed by far-left party CUP, a key support for Catalonia's pro-independence minority government in the regional parliament, which called Madrid's actions an aggression against all Catalans.
His speech was highly critical of the Spanish government's response to the referendum but he said Catalans have nothing against Spain or Spaniards, and that they want to understand each other better.
Many Catalans are still angry about the Spanish constitutional court's decision seven years ago to annul or reinterpret parts of the 2006 Catalan Statute of Autonomy, which would have afforded the region greater independence.
Synopsis: Ahead of a potential vote on independence on Sunday, Catalans express less confidence in their national government (22%) than do Spaniards in the rest of the country (30%).