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a native or inhabitant of Catalonia

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the Romance language spoken in Catalonia in eastern Spain (related to Spanish and Occitan)

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Her grasp of the Catalan language competes with her mother tongue, echoing her desire to both separate from her mother, living in the space of Spain, and to embrace the cultural heritage that accompanies her mother's Moroccan roots.
Consequently, on a European level, the exclusion of the very developed Catalan language media meant an Internet presence decrease of only 6.8%, a figure that cannot be considered very significant and, beyond that, does not seem to substantiate the segregation of the Catalan community from the rest in terms of general results.
The Catalan language reappeared in street signs, newspapers, television, schools, and halls of parliament.
Immediately after Franco's regime, as it happened in Norway, translation contributed to the standardisation of the Catalan language, and thus, as the authors explain, in the 1995 translation of Middlemarch, the translator avoided the linguistic idiosyncrasies of the characters for this reason.
At the time, the Catalan language was outlawed by fascist dictator General Franco.
You've won many prizes, you're a member of the Spanish and Catalan language academies, and Harold Bloom included your work in the list of Spanish authors essential to the Western canon.
Les irreals omegues (The Unreal Omegas, 1949), a poem in thirteen sections, develops a symbolist style to address the problems of living during the Spanish Civil War and after, under Franco's fascist dictatorship, which enforced strict censorship and sought to suppress the Catalan language. In Diari 1918 (Daybook 1918), a collection of prose poems, Foix's writing turns oneiric as he endows recognizably Catalan customs and geography with a surreal quality.
The crisis between Catalonia and Madrid sparked years ago as the Spanish government refused to provide the autonomy with privileges of self-ruling, independent tax and monetary systems and using the Catalan language in official documents.(end)
Since that date there have always been prominent authors in the Catalan language. Also under Bourbon rule when the Catalan language was the school, church and official language.
In fact, the Catalan language which is closer to French is given priority in schools over the national language of Spanish.
Catalans from both sides of the independence divide are fiercely proud of their Catalan language, which is spoken along with Spanish and was suppressed under three decades of Gen.
"Catalan language is not easy and, of course, I got difficulties when it comes to discussion.
Proud of their Catalan language and culture, many of the region's 7.5 million inhabitants feel short-changed by the government in Madrid, which redistributes their taxes.
Las aulas de acogida de la educacion primaria de Cataluna el curso 2005-2006: Sus efectos sobre el conocimiento de catalan y la adaptacion escolar [Language support classrooms in Primary Education in Catalonia during academic year 2005-2006: Their effects on knowledge of Catalan language and school adaptation].
The topics include language-in-education policies in the Catalan language area, language attitudes of Latin American newcomers in three secondary school reception classes in Catalonia, teacher training in literacy instruction and academic achievement in a multilingual classroom, interlinguistic reflection on teaching and learning languages, and the integrated languages project.