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During the Fall 2001 sampling period, common cat-tail (Typha latifolia; 49.
Based on Relative Importance Values (RIV%) for the Fall 2001 sampling period, the most important species in the reference wetland were common cat-tail and Bermuda grass (Table 1).
Armed with plentiful supplies of cat-tail, we head towards the wood.
I do not like that," he adds before walking off to collect wood to build a fire to cook our cat-tail.
Most of these trees cannot live under prolonged flooding during the growing season, and seasonal flooding has maintained plot 3 in a mixture of dry-land willow and cat-tail.
Between May's Pond and the Main Pool/Marsh grass, cat-tails bow/slantwise blown--.
The third disc is devoted to "the fastest mouse in all Mexico," Speedy Gonzales and includes Cat-Tails for Two, which features a skinnier Speedy with a sizeable gold front tooth.
At the time, I wondered why they built the bucolic little ``bunny trail'' down between the cat-tails and the willows to connect the northbound Interstate 405 to the westbound U.
There are no willows or cat-tails to go through, but just two little, inadequate lanes as the drivers attempt to merge their cars into a solid horde of traffic already moving south on the 405 from the North Valley, Simi Valley and outlying areas.