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Synonyms for burglary

breaking and entering

Synonyms for burglary

the act of entering a building or room with the intent to commit theft

Words related to burglary

entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property

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The hunks will see their cat-burglar aliases turned into furry feline thieves.
We can see JENNY FROST's trying to toughen up her cute kitten image, but we're not sure that a cat-burglar beanie is the way to do it.
CAT-burglar Hester was recovering yesterday - after swallowing a pounds 400 engagement ring.
Aging cat-burglar Peter Scott - who once robbed Liz Taylor and confessed to stealing Sophia Loren's knickers - acted as courier for a gang of art crooks.
Alex Ferguson and his staff remain peerless cat-burglars of talent, which is why, even in the midst of their current injury crisis, you'd be a mug to bet against United for the title.