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Cat Nip Infused Toys and Ball Toys are for people who like to give their cats catnip.
Jewelry: "O'hara" ornate freshwater pearl bracelet, "Marissa" white faux pearl earrings, "Cat Nip" timepiece.
Cat nip is also something that may help to sooth her, you can buy bags of it and make your own stuffed toys or scatter it on a mat that she can roll on and scratch with her claws.
He also has a playful side to him and will play with a moving teaser toy and loves to roll around in cat nip. Due to his timidness we feel mid-late primary school age children would be suitable as he may need a little time settling into a new home.
In our cats' 20 months of life, the last 14 months bringing laughter and some bursts of shouting into our home, my husband and I have found they have three vices: Stalking the birds visiting our bird feeder (protected by the windows of our house); finding the newest and best places to snooze; and cat nip.
Their cat facilities feature full suites for the cats to enjoy and each suite comes replete with comfortable bedding, cat nip, laser toys and covered and uncovered litter boxes with various choices of litter.
Also, get lots of Cat Nip to provide after her play sessions to calm and soothe her.
Attach claw boards to the vertical places he prefers to use and rub cat nip into them as much as possible.Do this regularly to top up the attraction.