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perennial subshrub of eastern North America having downy leaves yellowish and rose flowers and

a strong cord made from the intestines of sheep and used in surgery


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And now for the answers: The Hundred Years War actually lasted 116 years; Panama hats are made in Ecuador, you get cat gut from sheep and horses, Russians celebrate the October Revolution in November, a camel's hair brush is made from squirrel fur, the Canary Islands are named after dogs, the first name of King George VI was Albert, a purple finch is crimson, Chinese gooseberries are from New Zealand and a black box is orange.
There's a gruesome lumber pump, used to drain fluid from the spine, and the cat gut used for stitching wounds.
It is a question of the potency of the instrument and its beautiful sherry colour which makes a non-player like me wonder at the fact that such sweet melodies issue forth from what is basically varnished wood and cat gut.
Contract awarded for acquisition cat gut suture chromic suture vicryl 2-0 1
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Chromic Cat Gut
Barrister Sally McLachlan, 50, from north London, claims Mr Fergusson ignored repeated warnings about her allergy to cat gut and used it to stitch her after a hysterectomy.