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This definition implies that cat calls are a compliment and as such, women should not be offended by them, an opinion that is quite sadly, shared by the bulk of society.
He had a beloved black and white toy cat called Jess and shouted "Pat!" every time he spotted a little red van.
In fact, it's a bedtime story within a bedtime story, and sees a stray cat called Tantrum O'Furrily tell her three hungry kittens a tall tale before they settle down to their night time milk.
He said: "The cat in question is a local cat called Ben that absolutely everybody knows in the Old Town area, and is loved by many."
Intense rivalry spills onto the city streets where Max and Duke fall foul of a Sphynx cat called Ozone (Steve Coogan) and are mistaken for strays.
Efforts by PML-N parliamentarian Sheikh Aftab to contain the 'rebel' also went in vain, as Jamshed Dasti ultimately staged a walkout, amid and followed by cat calls from official benches.
He bought a beautiful cat called Buttons as a present for his girlfriend last year.
Summary: A cat called Stubbs is celebrating 15 years in charge of Talkeetna, Alaska.
While her on-stage shenanigans with a dancing cat called Kitty Purry certainly err towards bonkers, Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz's video diary is a conventional fly-on-the-wall portrait in a similar vein to Justin Bieber's Never Say Never.
London, Jan 17 ( ANI ): Mario Balotelli has taken a liking to a stray cat called Wimblydon, who is a frequent visitor to the Manchester City training ground.
Recently I met a cat called Freya and her owner who was concerned when she pulled a six-inch piece of cotton from her cat's mouth and brought it in to show me.
The owners of a cat called Brandy claimed it had Jesus on its fur.
The police responsible for Kulongoski's security have surely answered many treed cat calls in their careers and know that there are no cat skeletons to be found among the branches, but they let the governor go up the ladder anyway.
Set several thousand years ago in southern India, this is the tale of an Asian leopard cat called Billi, who observes the daily activities of the "two-foots" from his favorite branch high up in the mango orchard.
An escaped cat called Muffy delayed a Continental Airlines flight for seven hours on 19 July after it lodged itself in the wheel well of an MD-80 aircraft about to depart from Providence for Newark.