sexual harassment

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unwelcome sexual behavior by a supervisor toward an employee

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This definition implies that cat calls are a compliment and as such, women should not be offended by them, an opinion that is quite sadly, shared by the bulk of society.
It's causing many people to shed a tear Why not greet it with hope, not fear At the opening hundreds will come to sneer And hundreds will follow later to cat call and jeer Those crowds will visit pubs to buy loads of beer Those crowds will visit shops for all types of gear And shop owners will be glad the vertical is here Glad of these people from far and near White elephant or not, the answer is not yet clear DAVID SIMS, Normanby
uk or to adopt a cat call 01656 724396 or watch www.
Efforts by PML-N parliamentarian Sheikh Aftab to contain the 'rebel' also went in vain, as Jamshed Dasti ultimately staged a walkout, amid and followed by cat calls from official benches.
The heart of Cat Calls are the stories of playful, adventurous, recalcitrant, excited, needy, or just plain curious cats, which will delight ailurophiles everywhere.