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true (The scientific name for the cat family is Felidae.
The tiger is the largest of the cat family and can grow up to 11 ft in length and 600 pounds.
Cheetahs are a member of the cat family and are well-known for being the fastest terrestrial mammal able to reach speeds of 112-120 km/h.
10 Ffos Las Derived from the sanskrit word citrakayah, meaning 'variegated body', the cheetah is one of the members of the big cat family that roams the plains of southern Africa.
While they are members of the cat family, snow leopards can neither purr continually like small cats can, nor can they roar like most big cats do.
The leopard, which is found in the tropical forests of China and south east Asia, is one of the largest members of the cat family in Asia.
Hunter, a conservation biologist, and Hinde, a photographer, present an overview of the cat family in Africa, which boasts 10 species.
Bespectacled Grandma Cat knowingly glances over her shoulder at the Cat family, Mouse family, and Ant family, who are already thinking about how much they will enjoy sharing down to the last bite the delicious apple pie she has baked.
Part 1: 55 pages 'All About Cats,' presents a synopsis of the modern 36 species cat family.
I am especially honored to join the extended HOLT CAT family of employees and customers as we take part in this historical and once-in-a-lifetime celebration of our unique connection to Caterpillar Inc.
The World Health Organisation said it had little information about the case -but if confirmed it could be the first known time the disease has jumped to exotic animals or members of the cat family.
Although the lynx, which is a member of the big cat family, is a protected species in Switzerland, animals are killed every year by hunters who claim they prey on sheep.