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Synonyms for cat


Synonyms for cat

feline mammal usually having thick soft fur and no ability to roar: domestic cats

an informal term for a youth or man

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the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea

a whip with nine knotted cords

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a large tracked vehicle that is propelled by two endless metal belts

a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

beat with a cat-o'-nine-tails

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The proprietary features of Cat's Meow enable it to offer its users unprecedented pleasure through its thorough access to certain areas of the vagina.
PURRFECT J DAY Cat's meow BIG J VISIT Caroleanne yesterday
Roberts; THE SORCERER'S SONG AND THE CAT'S MEOW; (Fiction) $13.50 ISBN: 9781847287250
For the fortunate few who operate larger boats and are able to afford the ultimate system, something like the FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) M-Series thermal imaging system is the cat's meow. Just as in the police chases on TV, these systems see through the night by reading ambient heat and converting it into an image that shows up on a video screen.
The menus, which first appeared in September and will run through the end of October in all 27 The Palm units, include two of the chain's most popular signature cocktails--The Cat's Meow and the Screaming Mimi, both created by mixology consultant Aisha Sharpe--and four wines that highlight women wine-makers, such as Kathy Benzinger's Benzinger Carneros Chardonnay.
Basically, this is state-of-the-art technology that allows digital production, transmittal and reception at the highest resolution and best quality available and is supposed to be the cat's meow.
Many "Top Dogs" and "Cat's Meow" celebs were in attendance, including Charlene Tilton (Dallas), Fred Willard (Best in Show) and Leyla Milani and five of NBC's Deal or No Deal briefcase beauties.
* Cat's Meow Holdings LLC, led by William Tilley, $108,000 for the Asher Animal Clinic property at 6311 Col.
Way back in 1968 I got my first FFL and thought that was the real "cat's meow." I was building .45s and .22s for myself and others, gaining experience with each one.
Though there is plenty of sex, drugs and death to keep you interested, The Cat's Meow is likely to appeal most to those who have an interest in the laws and legends of Tinseltown.
The Cat's Meow? More like Dog's Dinner, eh readers?
These luxurious necklaces with rhinestone ball closures are the cat's meow. Glamorous enough for dogs and cats alike, they've also been spotted on the wrists of (gasp!) pet owners.
and keyed to the intergalactic visuals' abrupt shifts in tone, is the cat's meow.
Catnip may be the cat's meow, but the plant's oil repels roaches and mosquitoes (SN: 9/8/01, p.
Ronan, 39, has starred with Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes in Killing Me Softly and with Kirsten Dunst and Eddie Izzard in Bogdanavich's The Cat's Meow.