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any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape

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These cat's eyes are dangerous because they have protruding nails and screws owing to pressure of heavy vehicles.
It has installed 43,550 solar-powered cat's eye units on a 650km stretch of highway south of its concession area from Haima to Salalah via Nimr, Marmul, Harweel and Thumrait.
During a survey of the main roads of the city, one can find sub-standard cat's eyes fixed everywhere as only nails are seen with no rubber or steel domes.
Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) official Tousef Iqbal told Media the cat's eyes were placed to mark centre of the roads, lane dividers and edges etc.
You now know how cats get around so easily at night, but you still may wonder what makes your cat's eyes have that luminous glow in the dark.
Outdated: Commuters want heavy metal cat's eye removed
Engineer John Hayes told the jury and Judge Eoin Garvan he examined the scene of the crash and noted the cat's eyes were above the recommended height.
We will reuse as many of the existing cat's eyes as possible and only replace those that are worn or no longer effective.
It was presumed that passing over metal cat's eyes at high speed might cause tyre burst, especially if the vehicle's tyres were in pathetic condition.
"When I type the answers and posts on his behalf I have to put myself in his mind - like life through a cat's eyes.
When there isn't a lot of light around, this "mirror" reflects any that is available back towards the front of the cat's eyes.
As seen on the catwalks of Christian Dior and Giles Deacon who accessorised their models with the sexy sunglasses, cat's eyes are super cool and ultra sexy.
Cat's Eyes, St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, April 25 .....
CAT'S EYES CAT'S EYES FEW bands have played in surroundings as opulent as St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, but the venue is a good match for this band's experimental hybrids of hymns and Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies.