Hypochaeris radicata

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European weed widely naturalized in North America having yellow flower heads and leaves resembling a cat's ears

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Caption: An otoscope allows your veterinarian to look deeper into a cat's ear.
She points out the cat's ear flowers along the Sawtooth Trail as they slip out of the forest into a large meadow clinging to the side of the mountain.
Your vet will make a diagnosis by looking in your cat's ear with a magnifying instrument called an otoscope and may inspect the debris from the ear under a microscope.
From now through August, visitors can expect to see a profusion of blooms - scarlet gillia, cat's ear lilies, fairy bells, red columbine, tiger lilies and shooting stars, the tubular flowers of which attract butterflies and humming birds.
* Place the cotton ball inside your cat's ear and gently compress the ear so that the solution drips into the ear canal.
At-home blood tests are like those used by human diabetics -- you periodically get a drop of blood (by pricking the cat's ear in this case) and put it on a glucose meter to check the glucose level.
Cats have more sensitive ear canals than dogs, and it's easy to irritate the cat's ear with a product that works well in your dog.
Miller strongly cautions owners against trying to relieve a cat's ear problems on their own.
"It's now possible to apply a gel to the inside of the cat's ear; the medication is then absorbed through the skin, rather than having to pill the cat.
The black discharge in your cat's ear is likely the result of a condition called otitis externa, a medical term which, simply defined, means inflammation of the external ear canal, the L-shaped cartilage tube that extends from the outer opening of the ear all the way down to the eardrum.
As for cat owners, checking your cat's ears is important and should be done on a regular basis so that you pick up on any problems which could include dirt in their ears, too much wax or bleeding from the ear.
Towards the end of last summer my cat's ears got crispy round the edges.
Here were the adorable white mariposa lily, or cat's ears, and pink plectritis more profuse.
A trip to the vet will be necessary to confirm the diagnosis, as ear mites can be identified by removing some earwax from a fold or crease with a cotton-tipped applicator and examining it under a microscope - or by your vet looking into your cat's ears using a magnifying instrument called an otoscope.