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any of various trees and shrubs of the genus Casuarina having jointed stems and whorls of scalelike leaves

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RELATED ARTICLE: Sorting out who's who among confusing Casuarinas.
The uncertainty about who's who among the Sunshine State's lookalike Casuarinas poses a problem to ARS scientists who may someday need to match Casuarina-quelling insects from Australia--the tree's homeland--to invader Casuarina trees in Florida.
Almond Resorts is the operator of four 4-star premier all-inclusive hotels -- Almond Beach Club & Spa (161 rooms), Almond Beach Village (330 rooms expanding to 500 rooms by 2006) and Almond Casuarina Beach Resort (300 rooms, opens spring 2006), in Barbados and Almond Morgan Bay Beach Resort in St Lucia (238 rooms, opens Nov.
Casuarinas, palm and eucalyptus trees were planted.
Bermuda extends 21 square miles, and much of it is covered by introduced species like the casuarinas tree, an import from Australia.
Planting makes use of indigenous species, like the frothy casuarinas (feathery tree native to Australia) along the northern edges of the site and the native grasses which cover low earth berms around the range.
Tenders are invited for Pollution control measures Regular maintenance to the newly formed lawns, flower beds, hedge plants and casuarinas tree etc.
The now ubiquitous Casuarinas were brought to the Bahamas and nearby south Florida to serve as windbreaks.
Streetside mahoganies, strangler figs, casuarinas, and other tropical species need to be replaced as quickly as possible.